Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome Back!

I'm Back!

Packed my family of 6(+dog)and all of our earthly belongings- CHECK!

Moved 2,250 miles-CHECK!

Unpacked my family of 6(+dog)in Michigan while it poured rain for a full week-CHECK

Joined our new church family and celebrated what God is going to do on Sunday evening-CHECK!!!!!

Now I can get back to saving and stocking up on cheap/free goodies for our family.

So why wait? Yesterday I jumped right back into my money saving mode and I took a trip to Target with Miss Brooke. I knew she would enjoy a trip out for free band-aids and I also knew that her big sisters might put her on the front porch with a "Child For Sale" sign if I left her at home.

For $19 I managed to score pretty good at Target :)

What I bought.......2 boxes of Strawberry Shortcake band aids(20 count)=$1.68 each
1 bottle Nivea Lotion=$5.09
1 package new dividers for my coupon binder=$1.24
1 4T dress for Miss Brooke=$3.47
2 pairs of skinny jeans for Miss Camryn=$3.47 each
Coupons used 1 Nexcare band aid coupon $1.00
2 Nexcare band aid Target Coupons $1.00x2
1 Nivea Lotion printable Target coupon $1.00
1 Nivea Lotion printable (coupons.com) $3.00
Grand total was under $20......not too shabby considering I bought 3 clothing items!