Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where I go to match my coupons to local for me :)

I want to share with you some websites that you can use to match up your coupons with the sales going on this week in your stores. The thing is some of these sites are regional and you will want to bookmark the sites that feature stores in your area.

Here they are;

This one has TONS of links to stores, many probably in your area!! PLEASE take a look. Schnucks, Shop N' Save,Winn Dixie, Fry's, Safeway.....She even has a link for savings at Trader Joes (Kelli :)

Today's post here is on how to get FREE diapers shipped to your front door through Amazon! Worth a look, for those of us who are still diapering our 3 year old (hiding my head in shame.)

Because I heart Target.....

Saint Louis area Schnucks

Has every grocery store you can imagine across the country

I posted this one yesterday, it is much like the one above.

Wild for Wags.....who doesn't have at least 3 Walgreens within 3 miles?

For those of us in Arizona

One of my personal favorites, she offers free online couponing classes.

If you don't want to buy news papers and you don't wanna clip coupons check out this website. You choose which coupons you wanna buy and how many of each that you want. Matching the best coupons with sales in your area for products you use is the key. I have ordered from this site and received my coupons in the mail about 4 days later.

Printable coupons, these are some of the best!

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