Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some pictures of my attempt to organize my coupons

In this post I will introduce you to my homemade coupon binder. Tell me what you think. Do you use a coupon binder? If not, do you think you could use a coupon binder? At first it seems a little silly to lug this big binder into the store with me. I've been bringing mine with me for awhile and if people notice, they typically are wondering how I use it.
The only comment I get is typically, "I need to do what you are doing!"
That makes it all better. No reason to be embarrassed about saving money.

It includes the following:

1-inexpensive 3 ring binder
4- packages of sport card protective sheets (with 9 pockets)
1-Pencil bag
1- Pair of scissors
2-Packages of divider tabs
1-Roll of tape( to piece back together torn coupons, I blame my children)
1-Permanent marker...I don't know why, except that I hide them from my kids for good reason.
Several pieces of notebook paper, to write my grocery lists on.
Extra coupon booklets that I may get in the mail or at grocery stores. Check out the Customer service counter and ask if they have any store coupon booklets. These booklets often have the BEST manufacture coupons and a few store coupons.

This is the first thing I see when I open my binder.

This is how I organize with divider tabs.

These would be my cleaning product coupons.
Yes, this is a ton of clipping. Thankfully Camryn
loves to help me cut them all out each week.

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