Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I survived MEGA with 2 toddlers!!

So after doing two different shopping runs with a 3 year old and a 16
month old I am finally sitting in my comfy chair and blogging my savings.I just want for you to see how I do it and inspire you to try too.

I got the items in this picture below for $32, after receiving back $16 in
Catalinas for future shopping trips. Remember Catalina's are those
coupons printed with your receipt! I think there are 59 items here and
I think I got one amazing deal, considering my out of pocket was only $32!

This was my first trip, all in all $48 +$6 back in Catalinas.

These are the catalina coupons from Transaction #1. I then used them
for transaction #2.

Here is my receipt showing my savings. I bought these things
at Fry's(aka:Kroger/Dillons.) 66% Savings, not too bad!
Here is transaction #2. I used Catalina's from competitor
store, cuz Fry's lets us this week. I also used a store coupon
from a store called Bashes, it was for $5 off when you buy
10 General Mills products.

My receipt from Transaction #2.... 90% savings, even better!

So my outta pocket cost on Transaction #2 was $8.31

AND.....they gave me these pretty puppies below!! $10

to use on my NEXT trip. So they paid me $2 to buy everything

in transaction #2!! Paid to shop!! I like the sound of that!!

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