Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Kroger/Fry's is starting a mega sale tomorrow! This is a big one!! Are you ready?
I have been feeling icky this morning. I over did it and carried to much, I am such a over achiever and I have so little to show for it, lol!

Go to this website http://www.thecentsableshoppin.com/2011/02/frys-food-deals-0216-0222/ and match up your savings with your coupons......Here is a list of what I plan on doing......should be interesting with kids in tow!

What is "MEGA?" Well, it a rocking great deal at Fry's/ Kroger stores. Check your local ad if you don't live in Arizona....your deals could be slightly different than ours here. Mega means that when you buy 10 items on the Mega list (marked in the grocery aisles) then you get $3 off when the cashier rings your order up. This time you also get $3 on your next order in the form of a catalina! Whoopie!!!

Here is my plan......hopefully it will go as planned :)

Mega deal #1 (must total 10 items to get the $3 off + $3 Catalina on the next order)
7 Hefty One Zip Storage bags $1.19 each -7 $1 off coupons
3 Ragu jars $1.28 each -3 .30 off coupons= $1 off each with doubled to $1
roughly $2.30 out of pocket
+ $3 catalina to use on my next order

Mega deal #2
2 Shout Stain Remover $2.19- 2 $1 coupons
1 Scrubbing bubbles foam Shower Cleaner $2.19 -$1 coupon
2 Scrubbing bubbles Bath Cleaners $2.19 -$1 off 2 coupon
5 Reynold Foil boxes $2.69 - 5 $1 off coupons
-$3 Catalina from Mega deal #1
roughly $14.00 Out of pocket
+$3 Catalina on my next order
+$2 Catalina (being given for buying 3 Scrubbing bubbles products!

Mega Deal #3
3 Boxes honey Nut Cheerios (Matt's fav) $1.99 each -Catanina for $1.50 off 3
3 Boxes Cinnamon Toast crunch (the girls fav, don't judge please)$1.99 each-$1.50 off 3
4 Cans Campbell's Chunky soup .99 each -2 $1 off 2
4 Betty Crocker Brownie mix boxes $1.69 each - $1coupon off each box
3 Two-liters of Diet Coke .99 each -3/ .50 off each
1 Country Crock Margarine $2.19 - $1 coupon (catalina)
2 Boxes Pizza rolls .97 each -$1 off 2 coupon
Roughly $7.50
-$5 Coupon from bashes for buying 10 General Mills Products (Fry's accepts competitor coupons this week!)
-$5 Catalinas from Mega deal #2
+$3 Catalina on my next order

Mega Deal #4
3 Best Foods Mayo $1.89 -Three $1 coupons
4 Betty Crocker Brownie Mix $1.69 -Four $1 coupons
2 Boxes Orville popcorn $2.69 - One $1 off 2
1 Multi package of Bounty Paper Towels $6.69 - One $1 coupon
Roughly $11
-$3 Catalina From Mega deal #3
+$3 Catalina on my next order

So all in all about $35 (+tax) for 50 products!! SWEET!!!
You can see here how I shop, for the most part. Not needing paper towels or foil for a long time frees up my shopping money for other sales later...like meat or dairy products. Should I actually find the time and energy to do these shopping trips I will try to take photos of my savings :)

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