Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stockpile Time!!!! You know you wanna!

So here is our stockpile.......I will give a brief description of what you can and cannot see in these pictures. This is in no way a complete description of all the food we have, lol. We actually have a good variety since I have been playing the grocery game for about 8 months. We were blessed with a second fridge last summer and we have 2 pantry's. Our home is small (1600 ft) and I use every bit of our space to make it all fit. Organization is the key and also the hardest part of having little fingers that wander into my neatly stacked items. Not shown is our kitchen fridge and our 1st pantry....which seems to have a large amount of canned veggies. It's kinda crazy really. Last summer Fry's/Kroger had a deal and I had a coupon that made all Libby's Canned Veggies 16 cents each. I tried to get a variety but somehow we now have about 75 cans of corn. LOL!

I'll start in the garage. This is the last of our Cottenelle stockpile. Remember how I told you about this lil deal on TP? Do your homework, lol! The Kleenex was 40 cents each box. The paper plates were 50 cents each (Walgreens) The Hefty Trash bags deal ROCKED a few weeks ago, got 3 boxes of 80 bags for $14. Electrasol tabs were a steal at WAGs a few weeks back too. Each box was under a dollar with sale and coupon. I bought 9 boxes! The Brawny pack was $4 and we have several (6) bottles of dish soap that were free.

I got these Light and Fit packs for 88 pennies. Our girls love yogurt. Me....not so much. Snack packs of yogurt were 30 cents each on sale a few weeks ago. I believe I bought about 10, but the girls have eaten several since then. Behind this pile is a lil pile of Crescent Rolls, they were free at Safeway a few weeks ago. Gonna have the girls make "pigs in a blanket" for the Super Bowl :)
When Grands go on sale, I stock it UP!! We eat them with dinner, we eat them for breakfast, we just eat them!!! They taste even better at 25 pennies each. I think I bought 10.

This my lil stockpile of frozen Steamer meals, matching the coupons I had to the sale at Kroger/Frys I got these for 50 cents each. We have about 6 of these bags.

I am proud of our noodle stockpile....we have 15 bags at 25 pennies each. We go through carbs like we go through toilet paper, nuff said. Often Spaghetti sauce goes on sale at the same time noodles do, that makes sense. I bought about 6 jars of sauce and we have 3 left. Our girls go through sauce like CRAZY! Well, it helps that spaghetti is something our big girls know how to make for themselves. Today I found a freezer spaghetti sauce recipe and I think I am gonna give that a try, using alllll of those cans of petite totmatoes in pantry #2. I also use those canned tomatoes for homemade salsa. Mmmm!

This is a photo of our 2nd pantry about our washer dryer. I am working with small spaces in our current home. We downsized to 1600 feet but still have 4 bedrooms. This picture does not show all that is really in it. We have around 7 boxes of cake mix, 4 cans cake icing, 4 boxes unopened dry cereal (50 cents each) 4 bags marshmallows, 3 boxes hot cocoa mix, 2 boxes granola, 4 bottles syrup, 6 bags chex mix, Crisco, cookie mix, oats and 2 jars Jelly.

This is he other corner of our 2nd pantry. Three boxes crackers (25 cents each) 15 cans diced tomatoes, 8 cans tomato paste, 3 bottles cooking oil, 6 jars peanut butter, 15 cans rotel, 6 cans Progresso Soup, 4 bottles Strawberry Nesquick and Laffy Taffy. (The banana flavor makes me think of Heather :)



  1. Hee hee @ the banana laffy taffy! :) I need to find a closet to make into a 2nd pantry. The first one is getting a little too full :)

  2. Love your stockpile pictures! Found your site from CentsAble Shoppin! Now I'm following you. When you get a chance check out my site: