Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FREE samples can add up!

I really do enjoy getting freebie samples sent to our house. It is nice to tuck them away for when we run out of the basics or we use them for road trips or over night sleepovers our older girls go to from time to time.
I will begin posting the ones I sign up for, when I see them. Typically I am alerted to the savings when I check out my favorite blogs around the net. If you want to be super organized about it, use a clear plastic shoe holder (the kind that hang over a door) and store your treasures there for future use.
Just in case you think samples are just junk mail on your kitchen table. They often come with high value coupons for the product.

FREE sample of John Freida Full Repair Fully Body Shampoo and Conditioner

After posting this earlier I recieved this sample of gummie vitamins in my mailbox. Along with the $2 coupon! Whoop!!

Thank you!

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